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Bespoke Jewellery Design

We offer a bespoke jewellery design service for when that perfect piece of jewellery doesn’t already exist. Our Master Goldsmith will take an existing piece of jewellery that you would like to remodel or even design you something from scratch.

The process begins with a consultation with our head Goldsmith. Usually based in Kingston, Sarel Du Plessis also visits our Staines, Winchester and Tunbridge Wells shops and appointments can be booked to meet with him at no cost to discuss your needs.

12 Tips For Remodelling Jewellery


Watch our video with Stephanie and Sarel to find out their 12 top tips when you are starting your journey to remodel your jewellery.

Bespoke pieces vary hugely, but generally, the first step will be an initial meeting with Sarel to discuss ideas and possibilities. It’s difficult to give costs at this point but Sarel can give guidance as to ballpark figures. It’s worth remembering that with bespoke jewellery you are paying for the goldsmith’s time, so complicated designs will cost more.

The process of remodelling your old jewellery

Once you have decided on a design, the goldsmith will produce a CAD (computer-aided design) image to show you what the finished item will look like. All 3-dimensional Computer Aided Designs will let you see the piece from all angles and will be a true representation of the final completed design. At the next meeting, you will be able to see the final designs, proceed the order and we will take any final finger measurements that might be required. At this point, we’ll be able to give a final cost for the piece. Before any stones are set into the piece we might ask you to return for a final fitting before your jewellery piece is finished and polished.

Jennie Remodelling Jewellery Video


You can listen to one of our customers, Jennie, talk about her happy but emotional experience of remodelling jewellery with Burrells.

Most bespoke pieces take 4-6 weeks depending on the goldsmith’s workload. We’ll always aim to give you an estimated date of completion but there’s an important date looming be sure to let us know!

You don’t pay anything until your piece is ready. If you would like to know more about remodelling jewellery you can visit our blog about this called ‘How much does it cost to remodel your old jewellery?’

If you want to get started with the design of your perfect piece, please use the form at the bottom of this page to arrange an appointment with our Master Goldsmith.

The Cost Of Remodelling Jewellery


Find out which factors affect the price of jewellery remodelling. The Burrells bespoke design team, Stephanie and Sarel, describe the main factors that increase or decrease the cost of remodelling jewellery.

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