Pearl Stud Earrings

Reference: E10985-20-LX85A

Pearl Stud Earrings

The Pearl Stud Earrings feature large, creamy, high quality pearsl with an 8.5mm diameter.



Classic, creamy pearl stud earrings featuring large, high quality pearls with an 8.5mm diameter and a thick, lustrous layer of nacre. A wonderful investment as they are super flattering and complement so many different outfits.


The full specifications of this item.

  • Collection Burrells
  • Product Type Earrings
  • Gemstone Pearl
  • Gender Womens
  • Birthstones June
  • Earring Style Studs
  • Height Range 7.6mm - 10.0mm
  • Width Range 7.6mm - 10.0mm
  • Colour Pearl