Hala Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle - (Rose) 'Harmony'

Reference: Rose Quartz

Hala Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle - (Rose) 'Harmony'

This beautifully crafted glass Hala drinking bottle with a Rose Quartz stone provides the ultimate pure drinking water experience. Set your worries aside with rose quartz's ability to gently clear negative energies and replace them with peaceful vibrations.



Rose Quartz has similar characteristics to Clear Quartz but has many additional properties, it is thought to be extremely powerful at boosting fertility and is often referred to as the 'love' stone. Rose Quartz encourages a sense of calm and can strengthen the heart and circulatory system and able to reduce blood pressure. It is also known to rapidly clear emotional stress and release from worry. Rose Quartz is also thought to stimulate the imagination and intellect and encourages healing of the heart.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chakra: Heart

Materials: Glass, rose quartz & stainless steel

Dimensions: 24.7cm x 7cm

Volume: 500ml

Care: Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, handwash other components


The full specifications of this item.

  • Collection Hala
  • Birthstones January
  • Gemstone Rose Quartz
  • Gender Unisex
  • Gift Type Crystal Water Bottles
  • Material Glass
  • Product Type Gift
  • Burrells Reference: 7004009