Hala Green Fluorite Crystal Water Bottle - (Green) 'Energise'

Reference: Green Fluorite

Hala Green Fluorite Crystal Water Bottle - (Green) 'Energise'

This beautifully crafted glass Hala drinking bottle with a green Fluorite stone provides the ultimate pure water drinking experience. Green Fluorite refreshes your mind and soul, boosting energy, focus and creativity.



Green Quartz is known to transform negative energy into more positive feelings and for stabilising emotional healing. It also symbolises prosperity, attracting abundance and success. Green Quartz is thought to help maintain balance in the physical body, cleansing and strengthening the organs and boosting the immune system. Its known to absorb negative energy of all kinds including radiation and electromagnetic smog. Green Quartz is connected to the heart chakra.

Chakra: Heart

Materials: Glass, green quartz & stainless steel

Dimensions: 24.7cm x 7cm

Volume: 500ml

Care: Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, handwash other components


The full specifications of this item.

  • Collection Hala
  • Gemstone Green Fluorite
  • Gender Unisex
  • Gift Type Crystal Water Bottles
  • Material Glass
  • Product Type Gift
  • Burrells Reference: 7004008