Hala Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle - (Black) 'Protection'

Reference: Black Obsidian

Hala Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle - (Black) 'Protection'

This beautifully crafted glass Hala drinking bottle with a black Obsidian stone provides the ultimate pure water drinking experience. Obsidian is a powerful protective stone which helps to shield you against negative energy and emotions.



Black Obsidian is born quickly out of cooled volcano lava, which is why its known to hold such potent energy. It has the elements of fire, water and earth. Obsidian is thought to be the stone of truth and honesty. If you value integrity, the Obsidian stone is perfect for you. This inky stone can shine a light on negative thoughts, channelling them towards positivity and providing inner-strength to overcome challenges. It is also thought to restore harmony in your root chakra.

Materials: Glass, stainless steel & Obsidian Crystal

Dimensions: 24.7cm x 7cm

Volume: 500ml

Care: Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, handwash stainless steel components


The full specifications of this item.

  • Collection Hala
  • Price Range £51 - £100
  • Gift Type Crystal Water Bottles
  • Material Glass
  • Product Type Gift
  • Crystal Obsidian
  • Burrells Reference: 7004006