Which LONGINES collection should you buy?

Learn the difference between the 5 main collections from Longines.

Philip, Watch Specialist at Burrells Tunbridge Wells, lays a variety of magnificent Longines watches on his tray and describes the ins-and-outs of every one. What's the look and feel/DESIGN? What's the HISTORY? Are there ICONIC collections? How much does a Longines watch COST? Watch this video to learn the answers to all these questions.


...the Longines Grande Classique ▶ https://brls.uk/2MTrkS0-ID106

...the Longines DolceVita ▶ https://brls.uk/2PGsygo-ID106

...the Longines Master Collection ▶ https://brls.uk/2PKM6QO-ID106

...the Longines Equestrian collection ▶ https://brls.uk/2CpusA4-ID106

...the Longines Conquest collection ▶ https://brls.uk/2Q7QoCB-ID106

...the Longines Heritage collection ▶ https://brls.uk/2NSczey-ID106

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